Please, Please, Please!

Winter is coming to a close, but March is going out like a lion, with blustery snow blizzards and foul weather in abundance. The boys already have 'cabin-fever' and need to unleash some of the leftover energy that has not been erased by winter activities. Will the coach succumb to the entreaties being made by the lads, or will he remain stalwart in his resolve? (For those of you who reside across the pond: footballs = soccer balls.)

This will be the last in our 2011-2012 winter images, as we are now entering the beauty and colour of spring in this part of the world, which brings us a certain degree of joy, since we would much rather be creating summery, sunny images of our lads.

Characters created with pencil, outlined in ink and then touched up in Photoshop. Background created with Photoshop.