“ Hi ”

Just two little letters. Well, one is capitalized, of course, but nonetheless, two letters that can communicate volumns. Powerful letters, when aimed directly at the heart with deadly accuracy. Are they still looking for weapons of mass destruction out there?

(ETA: we received an email which informed us that we misspelled 'volume,' in the preceding text. Most current college dictionaries would agree with the sender of said note, but he is incorrect. 'Volumn' and 'volume' both originate from the latin 'volumen,' and the former refers to a series of books or periodicals, whereas the latter refers to a measurement of space or weight. Uneducated masses interchanged the words so often that it became the norm to accept 'volume' in place of 'volumn.' KJ is old-school on this one, as you might have guessed.)

Characters drawn in pencil, outlined in ink, then revised in Photoshop. Background created in Photoshop.