"30 Mille Merci"

It appears we have reached a milestone and
we thank all of our friends on Y!G for the wonderful
support and kind comments over the past six months.

The image was originally created by DDM, and all
KJ did was add the text. It was an older image of
Kristie he made, with Thor.

The portion of terrain visible under the clouds
is from the detail of a painting, entitled:
'Schmadribachfall,' executed by the noted German
artist, Joseph Anton Koch, sometime between 1805
and 1811. The painting was known to have hung
- and may still be in residence - at the Musée des
Beaux Arts, in Leipzig, Germany. We ask that he will
forgive our tweaking his work. If not, we hope we
have many more years before we have to face him,
in the you-know-where.