The Annual Christmas Tree Run




For more than two-hundred-fifty years, it has been the annual, St. Precocious Academy custom to make the trek to the grand Normandy estate of an alumnus to pick out a Christmas tree and, this year, Kristie volunteered to drive the boys. What he didn't know, beforehand, was how this custom called for the boys to actually "plunder" the tree from the estate, with full Norman costumes and as much noise and goings on as can be mustered, by a small band of lads waving swords and double-bladed axes about. The gentleman who owns the estate, and whose family has extended this privilege for more than eight generations, puts up a less-than-significant effort to repel the invaders and is usually left in a state of laughter and complete surrender. Kristie, on the other hand, is still shaking his head in wonder

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Boys and woodie created with pencil, pen and adjusted in Photoshop. Background created with Photoshop and Wacom.