“A Cappella II, le Coup de Grâce...”

Our lad is performing in the Christmas Eve service, a cappella, and showed up at rehearsal with an unexpected chapeau. He has presented a lengthy and, to him a logical, explanation about why the cap should stay. One must applaud Brother Heronymous for his endurance, although, it does appear that the boy did deliver le coup de grâce, with his last point. Will Br. Heronymous be able to present an eloquent challenge to the boy's logic? Evidence suggests that he has met his match, non? (If you like, you can see the outcome here.)

Soloist and Brother Heronymous created with pencil, ink and enhanced in Photoshop, background created in PS, including the piano, which was created in PS, using a mouse, only. (There were no cats available, at the time.).