“An opportunity...”

DDM and I have been tossing around the idea of sharing a portion of our comic online, as we progress, although there will be more in the printed version. For this to happen, I am asking that fans send an email, post a message in the guestbook or write a message in the sky, to express your interest in seeing this body of work. The amount of work required to produce it for the site as well as in book form is substantial, and is a task we will only undertake if there is sufficient interest. So, it is up to all of you, as to whether or not we take the extra steps, or continue as we have in the past. We will make a decision before December 1, 2013, and the determination to do this will be predicated upon the amount of feedback we receive.

A NOTE REGARDING PRIVACY: Our site is hosted in Germany, which has a very high standard for protecting the privacy of its web users, and Germany was one of the first to refuse to save users' internet data, along with Sweden. We believe that privacy is important and to this end, we do not save any web information of our visitors. If you would like your email erased after you send us your message, please stipulate this in your message and we will erase your email.

Entire image created with pencil, ink and enhanced in Photoshop.