A Visit to the Infirmary

If you remember, just a few images ago, Kristie woke from his nap to find a half-pint of yoghurt had been squeezed between him and his unders. Eventually, he did sort out the culprit, and today is payback.

Our miscreant was told that he needed to report to the infirmary for a flu shot, by 'Nurse' Kristie, who also told the lad that he was assisting the Matron in her duties, hence, the 'suggestion' that he 'bare all for the needle.' Brother Barnabas's stunned look and exclamation of shock is because he is filling in for Matron, and it was his understanding that his responsibility for this afternoon, was only checking ears and throats for signs of colds.

There is always a bit of the devil in most angels...


Characters created with pencil, outlined in ink and then touched up in Photoshop. The background created with PS.