'Heavens, he's in the heavens...'

In 2005, KJ decided that there was a uniqueness to our Kristophe and took it upon himself to create a celestial existence for this ethereal creature, as a bit of fun. Yes, there is a star with the name Kristophe and, although it is unofficial as far as astronomers are concerned, it is registered as such, with International Star Registry at the following coordinates: Gemini RA 7h 43m 36.23s D 25° 30' 22.19" with a magnitude of 11.6. You can go to their site (www.starregistry.com) and, under "Find My Star" just enter Kristophe and you can view the details. Just a bit of fun for our astronomy fans.

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Characters created with pencil, outlined in ink and then touched up in Photoshop. The background was created in Photoshop, with a mouse.