"In The Studio"

Just a little amalgamation of some images we had strewn about, and we
thought it would be nice to make an image of the muses and their pawns.
A bit fanciful and nothing fancy, but we hope it tickles yours.

Artemus posing, DDM painting, the other guy doing whatever he does, and
of course, Kristie lending (im)moral support. Such a group of misfits
the likes of which should be avoided at all costs. (Unless they've
brought along the other lads!)

Individual images took several days, overall. It's hard to sort out the
time, when you throw them all in one basket like this. Suffice it to say
it was grueling and we nearly collapsed from our efforts, and were only
spared an untimely demise by the spirits who haunt our studio - boy
spirits, of course. It was rigorous, but we prevailed in the end.

DDM: What a load of hooey!

KJ: Well, you did break a sweat......once. I saw it. A bead, right on
your forehead.