Stories are much like trees: from the original, new branches are formed and new leaves spring forth. Here are a few of our new 'branches' and 'leaves'.
It all began one sunny morning, in Eastern France, in Gérardmer, with a simple Café au lait, a Gauloises and the arrival of a letter.
Certainly, the postman must bear responsibility for what transpired. After all, it was he who brought the letter to art-teacher-job-seeker Michel, which sent him on the road to meet Alain, which brought them to Kristophe, which brought the three of them to Artemus, which...this could become complicated. Let's just say it's all the fault of the postman.
Paris D'Avignon
Paris D'Avignon, a resourceful lad in the village, works at the Bare Bois Bistro for the illustrious Coquette D'Amour, and is well known for his looks, charm and efficiency. Yep, we said efficiency. We'll let you work on that one in your mind for a while. He also has a younger brother, Willy, enrolled at St. Precocious Academy. Our lad Paris will be appearing in the very first issue.


Tante Bettina Berlin


Bettina Berlin, the glamorous auntie of Billy, and known to all of the boys as 'Tante Bettina,' is a chanteuse extraordinaire in Paris. Her visits cause great excitement for the boys, and greater consternation for the Brothers and the Headmaster.
Alexis (Lexi)
Alexis, or 'Lexi,' as everyone calls him, is a studious prefect of soft charm and stalwart principles. He is also quick to share a shy smile and is adored by the boys for his grace, and admired by the staff for his level-headedness - well, he is until Kristophe comes within close proximity, but what can one do, oui? It is nature, after all.


Etienne & Uncle Bertrand


Etienne is a central character to our tale, and he shares his unique perspective of the goings-on during the school year with his beloved Uncle Bertrand, whom he knows affectionately as 'Tonton.' You will be seeing alot of this boy in our story and we do hope you will enjoy him.
What can one say about our Toby? He is not a conformist, he is not cast from a mold, nor is he one who can blend into his surroundings. Fortunately, like every other boy, he is an individual, albeit one of a more rebellious nature...well, very rebellious. After all, how many boys start their own revolution?




Few boys are as devoted to their extra-curricular activities as is our Maxime, who has the time of his life working on the design committee for St. Precocious Founder's Day festivities.


Throckmorton Gibbings-Hayes (Poppy)


In spite of the chaos occasioned upon Poppy's quiet life, by his young nephew Nicky, along with his younger cousins, Paolo and Kit, he did manage to lead a quiet, dignified life in the big house on the bluff overlooking the seaside village of Pointe des Pins. Until the arrival of Kristophe, that is.




Célestin is a new prefect, just coming into his own. Fortunately for him all of the boys adore him, so his tenure as prefect will undoubtedly be less tormented than those of many of his predecesors, although his internal torments will be numerous. Such is the fate of a boy who understands the capacity for love, when ensconced in a place such as St. Precocious Academy.
The Bishop
Someone has to oversee the Brothers and administrators at St. Precocious and the Bishop enjoys his role very much. How much, you ask? Let's just say that several years ago he turned down a position offered by high-ranking officials at the Vatican, just to remain at his small chateau in Bretagne, not far from Pointe des Pins. His duties include overseeing the operations of several churches and schools, but he is always drawn back to St. Precocious, whenever he can spare the time.
Br. Mathieu
A novice at St. Precocious is nothing new, although this one is. Mathieu is just beginning his training and it will come as a surprise to him that most of his instruction will be at the feet of boys half his age, and the education will be intense.
Every school has a person who does the odd tasks and assignments not handled by the teachers or administrative staff. Our Helmuth is that person, at St. Precocious Academy, filling in as lifeguard, physical fitness helper, bellkeeper and doer of other tasks, when called upon to do so. His immense size may scare the little ones, when they first arrive at St. PA, but his gentleness is legendary and they soon look upon him as their protector - a task he assumes with great pride and enthusiasm.

Boys of all ages attend St. Precocious, and each has his own identity, established through his personality and, sometimes, even his attire. Such is the case of the young English boy, James Bunster-Monroe, who is known to everyone, including his family, as Bunny. Guess what his favorite animal might be.

Another newcomer, Fabien is decidedly different in his attire than many of the boys. His sense of style is firmly rooted in the 1970s, which his parents swear has nothing to do with the years they spent raising him in a commune, in Northern California.