MySpace 2010

As many of you are aware, we had an interesting (?) experience with MySpace, at the end of 2010. It clearly demonstrated the arbitrary methods by which they allowed or disallowed content. We found their responses to our requests for information as to why we had been deleted after several years on their site to be both informative (the support staff on MySpace are not the brightest bulbs on the tree, at any time of year) and illuminating (no pun intended). Our page was set up for Kristie (Kristophe) and when they required a photo holding a sign, as is their custom to verify 'ownership of the page,' we sent them this image. After all, it was his page, and it was his pic that was on the profile. MySpace staff had no sense of humour, and definitely did not exhibit any sense of intelligence, with their responses. There was one person who did his best to help, but he was overwhelmed by the incompetence and intolerance that is MySpace management. How appropriate that Rupie has just sold the site at a loss of 580 million USD. Quel surprise, as they say in France.

We have kept the emails from MySpace, as they provide a periodic source of amusement for us in the studio.